Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cookin' with Wood...in Style!

Since our home has two wood burning stoves that we use all winter long to heat our home, we have often dabbled a little in cooking with wood. Now, thanks to our awesome Craigslist find we can do so in style!

When making something like a soup, stew, or stock that needs to simmer for a good part of the day, it has always seemed like such a waste of energy to also run the electric stove top, so we often utilize one of our wood stoves to get the job done.

We scored this beauty right around Christmas time and Mr. J plugged away at sandblasting and repainting the top and shining up the nickle trim throughout the winter. The enamel was in very nice shape, and it's rustic look fits our home perfectly, so all I did was give it a good cleaning.

Since it took us until March to get it in the house and all cleaned up, we only had the chance to use it a handful of times, but we have BIG plans for our new dual-purpose appliance next heating season.

Mr. J did bake a couple of loaves of bread on it this spring; one turned out perfectly, the other, not so much.
It will definitely take some practice for us to learn how to use it, especially the oven, but boy will it be a fun learning experience...

And at least we'll stay nice and warm while we're learning! 
Mrs. J :)

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  1. Love the old cook stove and can feel the warmth from the crackling wood!